"Education is the Most Powerful Weapon"

Our Impact

The lack of opportunity, access, and resources breed poverty and crime. Our goal is to expose students to educational, recreational, and occupational information and resources that will have a positive impact on and in their lives. We partner with organizations and other nonprofits to offer learning and development opportunities. We also teach teens the value of volunteerism and community service. In addition, we provide students with food, clothing, and school supplies. 


Through Girls Who Code, Youth Financial Literacy, and ACT Prep programs we prepare students for academic and financial success. 


We host events that promote youth sports and team collaboration. We also provide financial assistance for youth sports and extra-curricular activities and participation.


We partner with employers to provide students an opportunity to observe and job shadow in an effort to help students decide their future careers. We also teach students soft skills and resume writing. 

"Knowledge is Power"